Central Region Retreat – Volunteer Survey

Central Region Leaders Retreat Survey 2019

Thank you for coming along to Central Region Leaders Retreat! We hope you had a great weekend of fellowship, reflection, prayer and worship ... as well as some fun! Please answer the questions below so we can keep trying to make the weekend as best as possible for you.
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    Session 1: 2 Cor 1 (Karla)
    Session 2: 2 Cor 4 (Ben)
    Session 3: Option 1: What is the Gospel? (Owen)
    Session 3: Option 2: Sustainability in Ministry (Heather)
    Session 4: Option 1: Being a Disciple (Meagan)
    Session 4: Option 2: Worship & Rejuvenate (Holly)
    Session 5: Option 1: How to prepare a club talk (Karla)
    Session 5: Option 2: Contact work (Rachel)
    Session 5: Option 3: Camping (Heather
    Session 6: 2 Cor 12 (Hannah)
    Session 7: Evangelism (Karla)
    Session 8: Area Sharing
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    Sleeping Arrangement
  • Timing

    If we moved to end of July school holidays, we would give you and your team some time for planning for term 3 during the retreat.